IFF file format experiments

The "IFF file format experiments" is a personal hobby project in which I implement several well-defined, portable and high-quality packages, which make it possible to parse, write, view and check files using the Electronic Arts' Interchange File Format (IFF) and several application formats, such as the Interleaved BitMap (ILBM) for storing pictures and 8SVX to store 8-bit audio samples, on modern platforms. The IFF container format was ubiquitous on AmigaOS, but poorly supported in most common viewers on modern platforms used nowadays.

The goal of this project is to enable third party applications to easily support IFF applications formats, similar to libraries, such as libpng for supporting PNG images and libvorbis supporting Vorbis audio files.


The reason why I have developed these packages are the following:


So far, the experiments have resulted in the development of the following packages:

General IFF format

Application formats


Viewers and players


Below I have included a number of screenshots of the SDL-based image viewer as well as the native AmigaOS viewer:

SDL ILBM viewer

Nightflight Aquarium Venus

AmigaOS ILBM viewer

Champagne Trees Retrospective

Obtaining the source code

There are no releases, as I have not defined a roadmap yet. Although the packages are usable and relatively simple to install: do not consider these libraries stable yet. The source code can be obtained from various GitHub pages, which also contains instructions how to install and use them:


All packages are available as free and open-source software under various non-copylefted licenses, such as the MIT license and the zlib license.

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